A Child's View of School

I love this school because everyone is lovely and respectful to all. Children at this school are very smart and great writers.

At our school we have pets in the classrooms like dogs, fish, a bird and a turtle.

We get to do fun activities in the classrooms like origami so our school work is fun. Each term we do a different integrated study unit.

I appreciate the school grounds with all my heart. We have two big playgrounds and a pine forest that you can get lost in. There are so many good places to play. We have lots of sports things and other interesting things to play with. I like our school because I get to play football and tiggy. I love the playground and all the things we have to play with.

At our school we are respectful to each other. We don’t swear or bully others. We teach kids to be nice to each other.

We are a community school so we encourage parents to help at school.

Our teachers appreciate our writing, reading science and all other stuff. They do lots of fun things with us. Our teachers are nice to us and take us on lots of excursions.

Come to Dixons Creek Primary School because all the kids are friendly and it is easy to make friends here. I love this school because it is kind!

(This information report was compiled from the children’s writing in Miss Bawden’s classroom. Each child had a slip of paper to write what they most liked about this school. We then ‘bundled’ all the strips under appropriate headings. This gave us our information report. This is what our children are saying about their school.) 22/8/2014